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Long journey

The 5th Solo Exhibition

Long journey

I arrived in an interesting place after being drawn by a strong power. Buildings tell me coldness and cool-headedness as if the time stops, I travel to find myself after being confined in a world I made. Lights are hidden in a darkness due to a splendid temptation of large cities and I run toward an unknown future space filled by lights. Although I can't know a result of certain future and the future long journey, I have to run toward there.


Stray racer

 A stray racer lost his way in a dream of maze while running with a splendid hope. But I am already a proficient driver racer in the dream. Repeated fear and hope intersect and I am racing lonely in a maze-like dream. I am running to find a new way which will appear someday passing through woods and cactuses. The racer heading for a new way doesn't stop to find a passage point of the turning maze. I enjoy my splendid hope and the fear and adventure continue. Unless they stop, the dream will continue. So the racer bearing a hope not losing the way is looking for an answer. 

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