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Art Vancouver

Art Vancouver International Art Exhibition


It is the largest art event in Western Canada that has been held annually since 2015 in Vancouver, the core city of Canada.

Art Vancouver, whose parent company is the Vancouver Visual Art Foundation (, is a non-profit cultural foundation located in downtown Vancouver

( It is an international cultural event in which more than 150 galleries and artists visit the 5,000-square-meter exhibition hall on the first floor each year to appreciate and purchase the latest trends of art.

NFT Art fair

Art Vancouver will showcase Canada's first NFT art fair, which will feature digital monitors and projectors at the art fair site by discovering NFT works that have recently emerged as a major focus of the art world.

DAVID SEO, NFT PROJECT DIRECTOR, which curates works by Asian artists in Art Vancouver, will hold a special invitation to this international art exhibition after selecting works by promising NFT artists to introduce to the Canadian art market.

The art fair will also feature a number of internationally renowned international artists, and the official platform for purchasing NFT works by each artist will open just before the exhibition opens.


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