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[NFT] 'Scoops of Nostalgia' OrangeHare x Kangcar NFTART

Through OrangeHare, we are selling KangCar's ice cream series.

Memories Inside an Ice Cream Cone, KangCar's NFTART Pieces

We are featuring and selling 4 NFTART pieces on OpenSea Drops.

What sweet memories come to mind when you think of ice cream? "Scoops of Nostalgia," a series by Korean multimedia artist KangCar based in Seoul, expresses the artist's memories and nostalgia through ice cream.

This series consists of a total of 4 NFTs, each showcasing a specific moment from the artist's life, evoking a sweet and nostalgic feeling.

  • The Love Letter is a piece inspired by a letter the artist sent to their first love. It captures the way the love between the two individuals melts like sweet ice cream.

  • Love Me contains the artist's childhood Christmas memories. It metaphorically likens the happiness of the moment when they met their first love to the sweet taste of their first love.

  • With You encapsulates the artist's Christmas memories spent with family. It expresses the warmth of family bonds through the medium of ice cream.

  • The Little Prince is a work based on the artist's childhood spent in the yard. It portrays the artist's carefree and pure childhood through the symbolism of ice cream.

KangCar uses techniques such as paper cutting, dripping paint, and canvas scissors to create pieces resembling ice cream cones. These pieces, appearing as if they've 'melted,' are created from the essence left behind by the artist's previous works, showcasing meticulous details and warm sentiment.

Notably, these works are preserved in digital NFT format, ensuring their eternal existence. KangCar describes them as pieces that help people savor the sweetness of life that is not eternal, even for a moment.

KangCar's 'Scoops of Nostalgia' series is a collection that revisits memories and nostalgia, allowing us to savor the sweetness of life. Preserved forever in the new format of NFT, these pieces will continue to move and inspire many in the future.


Non-Fungible Token (NFT)

  • Concept: A token that verifies ownership of digital assets based on blockchain technology.

  • Characteristics: Non-interchangeable, rarity, proof of ownership.

  • Types: Digital art, gaming items, sports cards, music, real estate, and more.

  • Applications: Investment, proof of ownership, community building, and more.


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