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This is the time of street-keeping, which has stopped.
Energy for you who dream of being special and relaxed

Open Reservation 2021.2.9

This Funding 2021.23

Closing 2021.3.15

Endless force 16 496 x 841 mm

Endless force 18594 x 841 mm

At full speed NO.21 A1, A2

At full speed No.23 A1, A2

2020_12_11_19_29_22_473.MOV - 00.02.701.

The paint sprayed from the fingertips explodes in the canvas with dozens of lines and colors.

He entrusts his personality to a car and expresses young energy, moderation and control, and dreams of life with intense and free lines.

The dynamic painting, expressed in watercolors in 2020, expresses speed with abstract scenery and dripping produced by free brush strokes.

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