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Kang Min-seok's artistic work focuses on expressing inner conflict and intense energy. His works feature a powerful force originating from an infinite point, explosively manifested through the concepts of time, space, and speed, exploring his deepest inner self. Cars are his main subject, symbolizing his identity, inner desires, and rage beyond just a means of transportation. The distorted shapes of cars encapsulate concepts of time, speed, and dreams, visually unraveling stories of time loops and the butterfly effect through symmetrical forms like decoupage. The use of primary colors and three-dimensional effects with embroidery thread are hallmarks of his work, reflecting the rapidly changing modern society and his position within it. He depicts himself as a beast in his works, symbolizing inner fear and anger. This beast represents uncontrollable force and desire, expressed through various techniques and colors over time. His work embodies the journey of self-discovery and the pursuit of new goals within infinite competition, continuously evolving through repetitive challenges and competition. This process completes his identity and provides the strength to move forward.

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