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Kang Car


Born in South Korea in 1980, I have been passionate about expressing myself through car paintings since childhood. I viewed racing cars as the greatest human artwork, and pursued fine arts at Dong-A University, earning a Bachelor's degree in 2007 and a Master's degree in 2010. Over time, my artwork shifted from emphasizing external car beauty to portraying my unique style, incorporating elements of time, space, relationships, and culture.

Currently, I depict distorted car shapes symbolizing the modern generation's pursuit of happiness and self-made paths amid fierce competition. Using acrylics, I employ a technique of scraping paint with a squeegee, and incorporate embroidery for artificial straight lines, speed, and temporal shapes.

Since 2023, I have delved into media art and 3D works via NFT art. In the 'Shape of Sweet Memories' project, I collect leftover paint fragments to create ice cream filmed in a video, then produce it as NFT art. Additionally, I engage in sculpture work.

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