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Car ART Posters
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Unique Brand

In September 16, 2021, artist Kang Minseok registered his brand trademark on Amazon and Etsy in the United States, allowing him to operate in the global marketplace. His watercolor works are currently archived in video form on YouTube, and his 'MINSEOK®' premium brand is being exported overseas through, where it is sold worldwide, including the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, and more.

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Watercolor Paint

Artist Kang Minseok's watercolors feature dynamic brushwork on paper, creating naturally spreading and vibrant colors. Since 2016, his watercolor works have been developed into art products, exported to the global market, and used to promote Kang Minseok's art.


The MINSEOK brand offers 22 products in A2 and A3 sizes, featuring art posters with the sensibility of vintage cars and dynamic car illustrations. These products are available for sale on Amazon and Etsy.

Watercolor Paint Art Works