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Author Kang Min-seok breathes new life into images of objects scattered in his memory over an extended period. He expresses this through NFTART as a testament to his memory.

The Shape of Memory

The Intersection of Reality and Virtuality in Art

Kang Min-seok's new project, NFTART, imitates specific objects from the real world in a virtual space that doesn't exist in reality. The artist collects paintings and traces of used colors to create forms, executing this project through various media. This work isn't 3D work but rather a task that brings matter close to the virtual world, utilizing the role of NFT for media digital assurance. He presents and sells his works through platforms like,, and In South Korea, major works are showcased through, and Kang Min-seok expands the realms of creation and art by merging various media.

NFT ART Projects

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