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A source of strength

Artist note

A source of strength


I am making an uncertain trip in a picture being attracted by invisible certain strong power. I become delirious due to dazzling lights around me and run somewhere being attracted by unknown power. The strong energy was a strong desire my uncontrollable desire and passion came together and erupts with a blast. Wreckages of explosion were blown by wind and quickly have the firm identity to proceed forward crossing the reality with the vital force. They fight lonely suppressing the tension having no foresight in as a long track as not knowing when to end. In a running instinct to go forward and the pressure of gravity pulling me down, the fear doubles. The process of beating it is expressed on the drawing paper as a fight with the reality as if resolving a complex mission. In spite of the fierce fight, I who proceed with the passion toward the dream rather enjoy the gorgeously brilliant moment. We are having an intense long race toward the dream. The dream is the source of power to me. 

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