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Invisible Force

Artist note

Invisible Force


I witnessed a strong beast's strength that swirls in a deep and dark heart which judders stiflingly. That strength flows through my whole body, and through the collision of the dream's light and invisible force in darkness, the shapes disappear. And the beast's strength tangle up as powerful energy. It collides with my nature, and spurts out as lines on a canvas. Among various energy, I focus at an invisible sonic strength. 
My breath and spirit that became blurred in no competition are mixed up with invisible force. The color and sound that was condensed in a surrealistic way are expressed as a power of free gravity. The beast's strength is controlled as the continuously rocking heartbeat sound and unstable energy tangle up, and the beast is tamed through numerous, condensed lines. And the moment the paint, which was sprinkled on top of that by the strength, explodes on the canvas, my short breath is heard from my fingertip. My rocking heart explodes on the canvas, and a beast woke up from the instinct of speeding.

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