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Stray racer

Artist note

Stray racer


  A stray racer lost his way in a dream of maze while running with a splendid hope. But I am already a proficient driver racer in the dream. Repeated fear and hope intersect and I am racing lonely in a maze-like dream. I am running to find a new way which will appear someday passing through woods and cactuses. The racer heading for a new way doesn't stop to find a passage point of the turning maze. I enjoy my splendid hope and the fear and adventure continue. Unless they stop, the dream will continue. So the racer bearing a hope not losing the way is looking for an answer. 

Running for the dream. Within a labyrinthine forest sacred columns could be seen and such divine structures seemed as if deities were protecting their trees. However, as the sky was stained in green the ends of the forest could not be seen. An unawakened dream had no stoplights, and so the racer aptly races along the trail, holding out the hope for a new pathway. 

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