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The Big Bang: identity

Artist note

The Big Bang: identity


2023년 3월 18일

 The source of my power is a “point of infinity” - this is where everything started. Deep inside me exists a power of a dark-hearted beast, seething with rage. This collision of this power leads to the Big Bang of time and space by a physical speed. Due to this Big Bang, the sounds of my pounding heartbeat and racing breath are masked with white noise. At near-light speed, the existence of confusion and fear emerges as a distorted figure of the inside, reflected in a mirror. The Big Bang dissolves everything - even sharp light and endless power. Uncontrollably intense power and a burning desire are all scattered as pieces of fragments. The only thing left is the vestige of this very moment. Now numb to wrath and temporal pain, this beast is my fear. It is dashing in a parallel motion with me between the beginning and end.
 I express an intense power, unresolved in inner conflicts and worries over the future. When doing this, I use paint with various techniques over the subject of a speeding motorcar. This motorcar embodies time, speed, and dream in a self-inflicted competition. The form of the motorcar adopted in this work is distorted by an intense speed. This manifests my identity and shadow - the latter represented as a beast full of inner desires and anger. In my new works, figures of both sides resemble each other as in a “decalcomania”. But these aren't a space of time loop. They tell a butterfly-effect story that reflects an afterimage of the distant future or a picture of the bygone days in the mirror. 
 The story of the time leap is somewhat similar to a future challenge. A motorcar racing at near-light speed manifests my longing to take my hope into the near future. A three-dimensional presentation with primary colors and embroidery thread is the signature of this work.
 Even at this moment, I am going through changes. That is what my work displays and I wish to resemble my art. My rival is no one else but myself. I evolve by absorbing much from external changes and challenges. I am stuck in interminable time and space. The Big Bang scatters all the anxiety and conflicts, and in the space of this very moment, I unfold the story with the existence of the beast hidden inside me.

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