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The Inner World of Writer Artist Kang Min-seok

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Solo Exhibition Unfolds with Overwhelming Energy: 'The Big Bang: Identity No.2'

Artist Kang Min-seok Solo Exhibition - Overview of the Exhibition Space at BNK Busan Bank Gallery
Artist Kang Minseok Solo Exhibition - Overview of the Exhibition Space at BNK Busan Bank Gallery

In Busan Metropolitan City, from October 6th to 12th, BNK Busan Bank Gallery hosted an exhibition of artist Kang Minseok, supported by the Busan Cultural Foundation's "Busan Culture and Arts Support Project." This exhibition, titled 'The Big Bang: Identity No.2,' marked Kang Min-seok's 12th solo exhibition.

In this exhibition, Kang Minseok employed a metacognitive perspective to explore his inner world. Metacognition refers to knowledge and regulation of one's cognitive activities, and the artist used it to objectively observe and understand his thoughts and actions.

The exhibition showcased distorted car shapes as a representation of the artist's inner world. However, beyond mere visual representation, the distorted car shapes reflected the meaning they held and the artist's efforts to express his inner world through them. Particularly, the 'Endless Power' and 'Time Leap' series addressed the artist's contemplation and conflicts regarding the future.

The artist revealed his inner identity by combining distorted car shapes with the modern life of individuals. However, his artwork went beyond expressing conflicts; it conveyed his efforts to overcome and reconcile inner conflicts and compromises.

This metacognitive perspective added new meaning to Kang Min-seok's artwork. By objectively observing and understanding his inner world, the artist achieved a deeper level of expression. Moreover, his metacognitive perspective provided viewers with an opportunity to reflect on and understand their own inner worlds. The exhibition of Kang Min-seok's artwork at BNK Busan Bank Gallery captured artistic creativity, along with a profound exploration of self-discovery and growth.

Title: "The Big Bang: Identity No.2" Solo Exhibition by Artist Kang Min-seok

Location: BNK Busan Bank Gallery, 2nd floor, 13 Gwangbok Jungang-ro, Jung-gu, Busan

Duration: October 6th (Friday) - October 12th (Thursday), 2023

Time: 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Gallery Information: [BNK Gallery Website](


- 7 pieces of artwork with number 100

- 2 pieces of artwork with number 60

- 11 other pieces

- Total of 20 artworks


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