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Invisible Force 

The 7th Solo Exhibition

Invisible force

Darkness is broken through with an explosion roar clashing over with mortal power, buzzing into a bursting heart. Arrays of brilliant light along with resonance dash over as if traversing through reality, and hence darkness is soon filled with both light and sound, conveying a single force. An assembly of a host of force is drawn into the heart, and soon a frictional noise uprising from the breeze focused upon the energy driven from intense force.


Stray racer

Running for the dream. Within a labyrinthine forest sacred columns could be seen and such divine structures seemed as if deities were protecting their trees. However, as the sky was stained in green the ends of the forest could not be seen. An unawakened dream had no stoplights, and so the racer aptly races along the trail, holding out the hope for a new pathway. 

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