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Invisible Force  NO.2

The 8th Solo Exhibition

Invisible Force : lnstinct  

Stray racer : route

Long way​

Instinct Force : Instinct

I witnessed a strong beast's strength that swirls in a deep and dark heart which judders stiflingly. That strength flows through my whole body, and through the collision of the dream's light and invisible force in darkness, the shapes disappear. And the beast's strength tangle up as powerful energy. It collides with my nature, and spurts out as lines on a canvas. Among various energy, I focus at an invisible sonic strength. 


Stray racer : Route

A competent racer got lost in a deep dream. The racer passed the sacred pillar in no time, and in a dead-end woodland path where he can't do anything, he wanders around. The maze in the repeated dream is in its place so soon. But as time passed, that position has become mature in many ways. Before long, the competent racer saw a faint light far away, between forests. Through that gap, the dark green forest, where the racer continuously has run by now, disappears and the racer meets a pure white forest. Another dream begins in the dazzlingly pure white forest.

Long way

 It was one vast, silent, long night. The moon lights up the dark night. The path where he passed was erased by shadow, and this endless path is running through silent and lonely time. When the traveler goes over a hill by following a winding ridge, and goes over a hill that's higher than a mountain, a silent and long night flows, following the path where moonlight is cast on.