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Speed Line

Between virtual and reality

VR (Virtual Reality)


Between virtual and reality

The project expresses a push-and-pull relationship between man and objects, and objects and space through the shape of cars competing. I wanted to demonstrate this space as a space full of countless energy. I filled the virtual space with sounds of all kinds of noise in the city, the loud roaring of car engines, and people's breath as they run. I brought to reality the distance between reality and virtual space portrayed in the form of VR. In a vague relationship that isn't either real or virtual, virtual space in VR explores numerous different pieces. It manifests its nature where you can hear the different sounds of individual energy. AR is like a mirror in which you can see through virtual space, and I displayed speed through repetitive pieces randomly traversing and erasing that form.

Instinct Force : Disassemble

I put to test an invisible force exploring space full of abundant energy through VR - a virtual space. A force that is invisible in reality is expressed virtually. Push-and-pull energy, like magnets, between invisible force and speed, are collected and expressed in various pieces different from one another. Each piece is filled with different energy and each has its characteristics. That energy disperses and embodies the back view of competing cars and different energy come together to disassemble that shape. A space filled with different energy is in between reality and virtual space.


Operation period: 7 weeks
Work area:
3.6  x 3.6 + 3 m
Material: woodrock, fishing line

Art project 6 was prepared with a woodrock assembled with 203 pieces and 800 meters of fishing line in one month and a half.


I have a desire to move forward. I have always competed against myself and vented out countless colors and energy during that competition. Cars are who I am and the shadow I have inside. Unstoppable time is speed, and the invisible force is my breath and beating heart.

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