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Endless force

The 9th Solo Exhibition

Sway in the wind
Art poject6

앵커 1
앵커 2
butterfly I,II	162.2 x 130.3	mixed media Acrylic, Thread	2021


Suppressed heart, dulling breath, and sharp, cold air weigh a beast down.  Frozen time fades the invisible force, and the beast in the tranquil and cold air inhales heavily.  The shadow of the beast is tangled by confusion and unstable power, and hidden behind that is him.  Inside the absorptive and dark space-time, on a deep breath with him, I slowly step on the clutch pedal of the car.  The heart, which has been dull for a long time, starts to boil again with fervent blood.  The beast is awakened from the suppression of power, the air is heated up, and my initiation allows everything to scatter freely as paint.

Sway in the wind

A racer is driving in a long forest. Gentle wind noise in the forest and the woodsy scent become my shelter. But soon, in a deep forest with the sound of strong wind, the forest darkens quickly. The confused racer searches for the exit from the forest, which is tangled like a maze. Leaves shake in the sharp wind, and the moment fear mingles with hope, the racer catches his breath for a while in the middle of the forest.