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Endless force

The 10th Solo Exhibition

Endless force
Invisible force
Sway in the wind

Long journey


Endless force XXVIII 130.3 cm_mixed media Acrylic Thread_2022

Instinct Force : Instinct

I witnessed a strong beast's strength that swirls in a deep and dark heart which judders stiflingly. That strength flows through my whole body, and through the collision of the dream's light and invisible force in darkness, the shapes disappear. And the beast's strength tangle up as powerful energy. It collides with my nature, and spurts out as lines on a canvas. Among various energy, I focus at an invisible sonic strength. 


Endless force XXIX 130.3 cm_mixed media Acrylic Thread_2022

I visually decompose invisible sounds and forces.

NFT ART Ice Cream

The  NFT project is a project that expresses countless colors and powers on canvas, and uses the remaining traces and various objects stained with hands to create the shape of ice cream under the theme of love. With the theme of sweet ice cream, countless memories that are easily abandoned and forgotten were produced in the hope that they will be remembered forever in an immaterial space. Ice cream, which was enjoyed by everyone, embodies the memories of love, such as happy memories, precious objects, and places that were shared happily, in various forms of ice cream.