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[NFT] ICE CREAM - Artist Kang Minseok Edition Release

Kang Minseok's NFT ART 'Ice cream #80 - Energetic Day' Mint begins with 40 editions

Artist Kang Minseok's 'Ice Cream' series has been a consistent work of NFT art since 2021, continuing until 2023. Exploring and presenting various ideas and expression methods through NFT art at the boundary between material and immaterial. After drawing a picture, the artist gathers leftover acrylic paint scraps to create the shape of a sweet ice cream, filming the process and completing it as NFT art.

Currently, the artist regularly releases works through platforms such as 'Opensea' and 'foundation.'

Starting from December 29, 2023, 40 editions are minted through the NFT marketplace 'foundation.' This marks the artist's first attempt at editions on 'foundation,' and we appreciate your interest in the ice cream that will never melt.

Energetic Day

Price : 0.01 ETH

Edition : 0/40


Vanilla, Cherry, Lemon Ice crem #80

To create the ice cream-like form, acrylic paint fragments were gathered to shape a cone ice cream. 

The media was produced by filming the original sculpture.

The ice cream form, stimulating the imagination, stores memories of childhood that resonate with everyone.

NFTART Portfolio of Artist Kang Minseok

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