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K Auction Artist Kang Min-seok Auction News LOT 161

케이옥션 강민석 작가 경매작품

K Auction 2023.6 Premium Auction News

Stray racer NO.1

116.8 x 72.5cm


I would like to inform you about the first auction news of 2023. It's a painting that has been with me for eight years, filled with many cherished memories. I highly recommend seeing the actual piece during the auction period.Artist's Note:

I was running with vibrant hope, only to lose my way within a dream. Yet in that dream, I am already a skilled racer. In a maze-like dream where recurring fears and hopes intersect, I find myself engaged in a solitary race. I navigate through trees and cacti, searching for a new path that will eventually reveal itself. The racer heading towards the new path seeks an escape from the dizzying maze of unease.

Description of the Artwork:

The artist depicts a racing car as the subject, symbolizing their own story of wandering within the intense competition of modern society, presented in the realm of dreams. The artwork is created by collaging digitally printed images onto canvas, and then tearing off parts to reveal inadvertent ink traces, which are subsequently filled in with acrylic paint. Within the faint forms of the dream, the artist fills the space, portraying future anxieties and uncertainties through the depiction of a car's rear view.



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