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NOTICE Group Exhibition at Busan Sangsangmadang

"NOTICE" Planned Exhibition April 7, 2023 - May 7, 2023

I will be participating in the 'NOTICE' group exhibition, organized by artist Kim Chae-yong, aimed at introducing and networking with 15 artists who are actively working in various genres such as painting, sculpture, installation, video, and NFT, based in Busan.

Through the 'NOTICE Booth' installed at the entrance of the exhibition hall, the individual portfolios, materials, techniques, and working processes of each artist will be introduced together to help the public approach exhibition culture more easily and to assist in understanding the artists and their works. In addition, a curator will be present throughout the exhibition period to help visitors understand the artists and their works more easily.

Furthermore, you can experience the fun of the exhibition by closely viewing the works of various artists who have unique display styles and designs at their personal exhibition booths in the large 180-pyeong exhibition hall.

-Excerpt from the planner Kim Chae-yong's exhibition plan

Artist Kang Min-seok will participate with 6 pieces of his flat 'Timeleap' series and 3 original pieces and 18 online pieces of his 'NFT Ice Cream' series, as well as many other works.

Exhibition for one month If you have any purchase inquiries or plan to visit, please contact us one day in advance and we will be waiting for you at the exhibition.

NFT ART works are sold online on ▲●■ Foundation. Original sculptures, physical works, and AR cards exhibited at the venue will also be sold, with various payment methods including cash and ETH.

KT&G Sangsangmadang Busan Gallery 4-5F

  • Participating artists *

  • Dahyeon Kang (@dahyeonkang_)

  • Minseok Kang (@kangcar)

  • Gamin Kim (@kimgamin__)

  • Kiyoon Kim (@crochet_dobi)

  • Chaeyong Kim (@etal_kcy)

  • Taesung Kim (@tae_s_g)

  • Hyunjin Kim (@hean_g__)

  • Sungwon Nam (@hidden_artist97)

  • Younghwan Park (@dobampul)

  • Jungrok Baek (@b_logy0428)

  • Sanghwan Park (@sanghwan_own)

  • Seoyoung Choi (@art_seoyoung)

  • Art Lab Chacha (@artlab_chacha)

  • Jiwon Park (@won_mon_artist)

  • Jinho Kim (@eung_go_)

  • Host and organizer *

  • ArtCrew ETAL (@etal_official)

  • Planning and design *

  • Planning and design: Chaeyong Kim (@etal_kcy)

  • Design: Yujin Kim (@yuudosii)

  • Sponsorship *

  • Sangsangmadang Busan (@sangsangmadang__busan)

We support Chaeyong Kim (@etal_kcy), the organizer who has prepared various new attempts and plans in Busan, and wish him all the best in his future challenges.

We express our gratitude and support to President Sanghoon Oh, who has encouraged and supported young artists creating in Busan.

Thank you.

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